safety - nestr


Your safety is important to us. Please take a minute to review these tips.

Meeting In Person. Please take precautions and follow these guidelines when meeting with someone you do not know:

  1. Get to know them before you meet in person. Take the time to talk with them on the telephone before meeting with them. NESTR does not conduct criminal background checks on any user and does not refer or recommend any specific user. Please exercise caution and your best judgment when meeting someone new.
  2. Meet in public. Schedule your initial meeting in public location where other people are present. Do not meet in a remote location or in a residence alone.
  3. Let Others Know Where You Are. Let your office, co-workers, family and/or friends know where you will be meeting, who you are meeting with, and when you will return.
  4. Bring your phone with you.
  5. Secure Transportation. Make sure you have your on transport and do not get into a vehicle with someone you do not know.

Disclosure of information. Ignore any request for funds not having to do with a real estate transaction or any transaction in which you are not involved. Do not provide personal information, including social security numbers, credit cards, or account information, not customarily provided if you are engaged in a real estate transaction. Do not provide any one you do not know with your personal information that you are not willing to share on the Sites.

Seek Professional Advice. Consult with an attorney for legal advice and/or accountant for financial advice if you are asked to sign any documents, enter into any contracts, waive your rights, pay any costs/fees, or otherwise asked to enter into any transaction that you do not understand.

Report Suspicious Activity. Report to NESTR any suspicious contacts made to you and/or users of the Sites, including anyone who asks you for money or donations, sends offensive or harassing message, posts fraudulent information, sends you spam or solicitations, or behaves inappropriately.

Avoiding On-line Scams. Review the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s advice to avoid online scams, which is available at