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nestr is a real estate mobile app featuring swipe-to-view property search and an agent search. The game-changer is that buyers and sellers can find an agent with common interests and mutual friends through their social media pages.

April is Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month, and all month we are highlighting animal mistreatment stories with positive outcomes. Last year we began an awesome partnership with FurKids, the Southeast’s largest no-kill shelter, and one of the ways we help them is by highlighting their lovely dogs and cats on our social pages with the hope that they’ll find forever homes. Another way we help is by giving them $1 for every person that signs up to beta test our nestr mobile app.

Have an animal rescue story you'd like to share? Just sign up at nestrme.com and you'll be prompted to submit your story on the Thank You page. (We don't guarantee that every submission will be published... so make it good!)

hope for humanity

April 29, 2016

There’s no greater way to celebrate a Friday than by watching a compilation of feel-good stories about good samaritans helping animals in need. Try not to smile while observing these acts of kindness. :)

Stay tuned for more heartwarming content this month! If you’d like to submit your own story, sign up at nestrme.com and inside your confirmation email you’ll be prompted to share your story. (We don’t guarantee that every submission will be published… so make it good!)

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