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A good real estate agent is critical to the success of home buying or selling.

While going through the business side of things, why not ride roller coasters, play laser tag, or sing karaoke with your agent too? Think of it as team building!

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We're cooking up an app to help you find a trusted friend in real estate.

nestr gives you personal insight on your choices in real estate professionals. This is some next level stuff!

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Stop picking real estate agents at random.

Our agent search shows you what you have in common with each agent based on likes, interests and mutual connections on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, along rating and reviews.

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Do all of your shopping - from agent to property - in one app.

We’ve also included a pretty slick property search to accompany your agent search.

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Avoid unwanted calls and emails from real estate agents.

You decide who can contact you – and only when you’re ready for them. Your personal contact information will be kept secret until you connect with an agent from their profile.

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Use your preferred social channels to help you make a decision.

Not a Facebook person? Are you more business oriented? Then compare your interests on LinkedIn. Are you more involved with Twitter? We have that option too!

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Read and leave ratings and reviews.

Read what other nestr users have to say about agents they’ve used and share your experiences with the rest of the nestr community when you’ve successfully bought, sold or rented a property from one of our community agents.

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A genuine approach to real estate agent search.

Helping you make a genuine connection is what makes us special, so our network agents can’t pay their way to the top of the agent search feature. Agents you have the most in common with will always show up first.

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Deliver your favorite properties seamlessly to your chosen real estate agent.

After choosing the ideal agent for you, connect with them in the app and share your favorite properties.

We’re looking for insightful folks to test our product.